The Handcrafted Bath & Body Guild is pleased to offer a low cost, comprehensive small business insurance package for our members through Intact Insurance, one of Canada’s leading insurance companies.

This policy is 100% Canadian and competitively priced to be simply the best coverage available to our industry in all of North America. Our broker at BrokerLink, with Intact Insurance, have put together a full featured policy to cover nearly any issue we would have*, and includes the $2 million in liability many of us need for markets (with a $5 million upgrade available – new lower cost for 2017), but it doesn’t stop at just liability. The policy details can be viewed on this page.

This policy is available to Casual Crafters and Professional Business Members in all Canadian provinces, including Quebec.

Instead of requiring each Member to apply directly to the insurance company for coverage, we have arranged a Group Policy, which means all you have to do is purchase your policy from the Guild, and the insurance company will issue a Certificate of Insurance to you within 7 days, usually within a day or two. 


Our Group Policy renews annually on June 1. Your insurance coverage will begin on the day you purchase coverage and expire on May 31st. The purchase price is prorated monthly so that you pay only for the time that you are covered*. 

Our policy starts at $450 for Professional Members, and $500 for Casual Crafter Members, for a full 365 days of coverage, but will decrease in price, based on how many members buy a policy. Once we have 100 total members purchase a policy, the price drops to $450 per year for all member levels and stays there.

New for 2017 is Candlemaker Coverage, which is an extra $300/year. Please contact us to set this up, prior to purchasing coverage on the website.

You will only pay a prorated amount during the first year. Your insurance policy will renew on June 1 of each subsequent year, with a full 12 months of coverage.

Professional Business Members

As an additional benefit of being a Professional Business member, you benefit for lower cost insurance sooner, pricing starts at $450 per year.

Casual Crafter Members

Your pricing starts at $500 per year.

Once we have a total of 100 members on our group policy, the price for all members will drop to $450/year.

To Purchase

Members, please visit the “Purchase Insurance” link in the Members Area.

If you’re not a member, you can Join Us and have immediate access to all member benefits.

*There is no coverage for flood, sewer backup, earthquake, or international sales on this policy (US sales are allowed). Only products that have had a  Cosmetic Notification Form acknowledged by Health Canada can be covered in the event of a liability issue. This is a non-refundable policy. Certificates will be issued within 7 days of purchase, but usually within 1-2 days.