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Need to upgrade your insurance to add Candle coverage? How does that work?

Our Candle Add-On Insurance coverage is product liability only. Everything else would already be covered under the Commercial General Liability portion of your existing insurance.

In order to add this on to your coverage, you would need to send an email to requesting the increased coverage, and we will forward it to the insurance company for a quote. Once we receive that back from them, we will set up a product specifically for you on the website that you can purchase and pay for. Intact will send us a new Certificate that will be uploaded into your account on our website.

What if I only make candles? Am I still eligible for HBBG insurance?

Our insurance is meant to cover bath and body creators/makers. We do understand that many also produce candles and have an additional premium add-on for candle insurance.

You must have >50% of sales from bath and body products to qualify for our insurance.

I paid for insurance. My account on the Handcrafted Bath & Body Guild website said the payment is still processing. What does this mean?

This means your payment has been received and we are processing your certificate. You are insured from date of payment.

Why was I denied coverage?

If you make or sell clothing, household cleaning products, baby products, or *adult themed bath-and-body products, our underwriters will deny coverage.
Your insurance will also be void if a claim uncovered this fact.


*Update: HBBG put some pressure on the insurers. They have relaxed the requirement. As long as it is a bath and body product which has an approved CNF, it will be covered. Have at it haha!

Can i sell to the US and be covered?

Yes, however coverage is limited to your total sales being below 25% to the US. This is non-negotiable.

How do I make amendments to my certificate or add additional insured?

You must send the full legal name and legal mailing address of the person or entity being added. Please check with your organizer for the correct info. Send an email to for any amendments or additional insured.

Will I get a policy in the mail?

Certificates are normally downloaded through our website. If necessary, you may send an email to; however the insurance company only does mailout 4x/year. We have no control over this.

How can I access my insurance certificate?

To view and download your insurance certificate, you have to log onto the website then click on “My Account” in the right side menu.
Once there, click on “Downloads” on the left. You will then see all your information.

How long will it take to process my certificate of insurance?

It can take between 4 to 7 business days to process your certificate, however your policy is active from date of purchase.

Who can purchase a renewal insurance?

Those who have purchased insurance anytime in the previous policy year (from June 1 – May 31 2019) and who are members of HBBG in good standing are eligible to renew their policy at a discounted rate for 30 days – until the end of June.

Renewals are still eligible for the 2-payment installment system.