2024 Call for Papers – Time To Shine Conference

We are looking for qualified Professional Speakers and Presenters for the 2024 Canadian Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia. If you would like to be considered and have something to offer the handcrafted soap, cosmetics or candle industry, we want to hear from you!

The Conference will be broken into two tracks for attendees to follow:

  • Business Track
  • Maker Track

To improve your chances of being selected to speak, we ask that you submit a topic pertinent to one of these tracks.

  • Business Track Topics – Wholesale, Marketing, Sales Strategies, Retail, Legal Compliance, Finance, etc.
  • Maker Track – Soapmaking, Cosmetic Making, Ingredients, Techniques, etc.

Event logistics

  • When: May 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 2024
    Where: The Westin Nova Scotian,
    1181 Hollis Street, Halifax NS B3H 2P6
  • Deadline to Submit: December 15, 2024
  • Fill out the form below and submit!

Required information

In order to be considered please send the following information prior to the deadline:

  • Your full name, title and company (if applicable)
  • A brief bio or resume of your experience
  • Title(s) and Description(s) of the class(es) you would like to present at the 2023 Conference and which “track” you are submitting for (Business or Maker)
  • A headshot in .jpg or .gif format

Submit all requested materials to us by December 15th, 2023. We must receive ALL of the requested materials to consider your proposal, incomplete proposals will not be accepted. You will receive confirmation via email that your proposal has been received. Chosen Speakers will be contacted by email and phone to discuss the event and how their topic proposal would work. We will send out a notification to all presenters that have not been chosen via email after the November 15th deadline has past. We will be choosing a number of qualified presenters for the 2023 Conference.

If selected as a speaker, all of your costs to attend the conference will be covered by HBBG, including travel, accommodation, meals, and attendance at all events/presentations

Thank you, we appreciate your time and consideration.