Nova Scotia

Island Suds Soap Company

Island Suds Soap Company is a Cape Breton company I recently opened to sell the quality soaps I have been making for myself, and for my family and friends. Although the company is new, my Cape Breton heritage goes back to a time when products were homemade with natural products. This is the quality I am proud to create in my soaps today.
Over the years I have tried a variety of soap products and found that the quality was often poor, and the ingredients containing chemicals. Suffering from sensitive and dry skin I always found it a challenge to find a soap product that didn’t make my skin dry.
I have created a line of soaps using goat’s milk or glycerine with all natural colour, fragrances and essential oils. These products are good to cleanse, and moisturize your skin for a healthy balance.
We have a large selection available, many options for yourself and wonderful as gifts. In times like these when we have to wash our hands as often as possible, give your skin some kindness and use our natural soaps.