British Columbia

The nature-lovin, kind-hearted, handcrafted soap gal.

The nature-lovin, kind-hearted, handcrafted soap gal! Inspired by nature, dirtied by nature, clean by natural products. Every batch of soap made is shared with shelters housing local homeless, disadvantaged and in-transition persons.

Town/City: Kelowna
Mac & Bo Soap

At Mac & Bo Soap we only want the best for your skin. We feel you can still have a fun, colourful and unique soap without losing any of the properties needed for your skin to be clean and nourished properly. Hand cut and hand poured, we scent our bars with high quality fragrances and essential oils. Goats milk and Vegan options are also available.
We are really excited to share Mac & Bo soap with you, it’s something we are very passionate about and know you’ll love it as much as we do.

Phone Number: 604-219-3169
Town/City: Langley
SharGloMa Soapworks

What started as a hobby grew into an obsession. SharGloMa creates small batch artisan soaps and body products using quality ingredients. We specialize in Bar soaps, Salt Bars, shaving and beard care products and liquid soaps. Custom orders are welcome.

Town/City: Victoria
Soap Beautiful

We are a local business with a registered online store. We make our soaps using traditional “cold process” method and cure for at least 4-6 week before we can sell them. We design the soaps so they look unique and made with all natural and phthalate-free ingredients. Come back to our website often because we have new batches and designs through out the year!

Town/City: Coquitlam
Wildcraft Nation - reconnecting from the ground up

Wildcraft Nation honours women and men seeking to renew their relationship with our Earth Mother. We believe the uncultivated, the wild, the free-growing plants found anywhere on Earth are healing teachers in one manner or another, even in a city park. Wildcraft Nation believes the Earth and her Plant spirits have communicated their strengths and uses to humans since time immemorial, and that this is true for All Nations, making all peoples ‘Indigenous to the Earth’. Regardless of whether that is Europe, Asia, Africa or the Americas.
We believe this knowledge is not lost, but rather is simply in need of being re-awakened through individuals collectively sharing, communing, and being in proximity to the herbs and the soil – physically and spiritually. Coming from this belief stand point, Wildcraft Nation offers authentic BC wild-crafting excursions, workshops and products to all people seeking to reconnect to their own Earthen Roots.
We are collectively, Wildcraft Nation – reconnecting from the ground up.

Town/City: Prince George