British Columbia

Skinsation Naturally
Address: 8588 Ashwell Rd

Natural Skin & Body Care products
Your skin is your bodies largest organ and quickly absorbs everything you put on it. Today’s lotions, are formulated with unnatural ingredients and chemicals that can be hazards to our bodies. Here is a solution, go natural love these hand crafted lotions and creams I personally love knowing exactly what I am applying to my skin, and believe it or not, they are just as if not more effective.

Phone Number: 604-970-4051
Town/City: Chilliwack
The Crazy Soap Lady
Address: 6946 Canada Way

What started out as a hobby in 2016 has grown to a part-time business and a passion for making handmade bath and body products! I absolutely love making soap – the design process and waiting to see how it turns out – the cutting is the best part. To me, soap making is like baking but without the calories! It’s my passion.

Phone Number: 778-686-6537
Town/City: Burnaby